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CAVA Assessor Awards/Certificate Qualifications | Innolearn

CAVA Assessor Awards/Certificate Qualifications

In order to qualify for our free courses, you need to be:

  • Over 19 years when you start the course at Innolearn

  • Resident in the UK or EU for the past 3 years with the right to work in the UK to avail UK funding

  • Be able to pass an Entry Exam confirming your English and Maths levels

  • International or self funded Students can apply at anytime.

To get a place, you first need to register for an Assessment Day below at one of our training centres. Just pick the most convenient place and time for you, and then turn up with your documentation

  • Proof of ID: passport or birth certificate .

  • Proof of benefits: JSA award letter from JCP or bank statement showing your JSA payment not older than 2 months if you claim benefits

  • Proof of address).

If you can prove your eligibility by bringing in all the necessary documents and you pass the initial assessment exam, you will be invited to enrol into the course. We’ll drop you an e-mail explaining the things you need to bring after you’ve chosen your time and place.

CAVA Course for Only £500 save £50 by booking Today! 


Our CAVA course is delivered through blended learning. Meaning you would cover all of the theory on our bespoke virtual learning environment and then attend one day at your closest centre in Luton or London to cover the competency based units. It’s on this day where you will get the opportunity to assess two learners in the workplace.

Duration and Getting Started

We don’t do start and end dates, we find them too restrictive. So instead, we just say you can get started on your course ASAP and you can either take as long as you need on your course, or you can complete it as quickly as possible. 


If there is one thing that we can absolutely guarantee you, it is that you will receive all of the support you could possibly need to get your assessor qualification. Even though the vast majority of the CAVA is delivered online, you will still have dedicated online assessors who will only ever be an email or phone call away. There is also a variety of learning resources already on the online learning system in the form of tutorial videos, workbooks and links to external sites for research. 

Just looking at getting started on your CAVA?

Enrol Now – Pay in Full (Save £50)

Enrol Now – Pay the £50 Registration Fee

Or, do you still have a few more questions?

If so, then please fill in our enquiry form below and we will be in touch within one working day.

Entry Requirements: 

There are no formal entry requirements for this course. 

Regardless of which sector it is that you will be looking to assess in and whether or not you are currently in employment, you can achieve your CAVA with us.